The sheets shows the Nexø I rocket exterior and interior designs. They where used in the campaign to explain the rocket to the public audience. All pipes, servos and other details are there. Small details as wires and electronics is left out so the drawing is less intimidating and easy to understand.

The rocket lifted off succesfully from the launch rail on Sputnik, our launch vessel. The rocket worked almost perfectly but didn’t reach nominel altitude due to problems with the LOX fueling sequence at sea. This happended last summer 2016 in the Baltic sea.

Nexø II is scheduled to launch in august 2017. Nexø II is almost identical in design but is about 1 m longer due to the DPR system (Dynamic Pressure Regulator). This system will allow the rocket to reach altitudes (20 km or more) far beyond the design of Nexø I.

The illustrations where created with Photoshop and 3D reference.