Titanic - Iceberg right ahead! - Concept painting, Photoshop.

About me

My name is Carsten Brandt. I am a Freelance senior creative director, concept artist & professional game developer

I specialize in all creative diciplines in computer games be it art production, creative vision or game design.

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    What i do best

    Creative & art Direction

    With more than 20 years in the Danish games Industry I have extensive experience in what it takes to develop computer games. I have worked in many roles eg. as art director, concept lead and art Lead. Put me on a project and I point out the way to go.


    Blender, Unity, 3Dstudio MAX, Z-brush, Sculptris, Substance, Quixel, Sketchup, 3D Coat, Modo, Photoshop and more. I am always in the process of learning somthing new as tools and process change all the time.

    Concept artwork

    I always explore new ways and techniques to get the job done. I often experiment with a mix of 3D and 2D in my concept art.I like to vision historic places and create visually believeable environments.

    Indie developer

    I work on my own IP with partner Monty Melbye. Together we recently founded Tumplecrate gamestudio. We use Unity as our development platform.

    Curriculum Vitae. Carsten Brandt 2021.


    Creative Director/Art Director in the Danish games industry.

    Owner/Partner/CEO in Tumblecrate Aps. Games Development for IOS, Android & Steam.

    Freelancer/Owner in own company Brandt Games & Illustration (former Skalle.dk) - Digital artist, creative director, art director, concept artist, supervisor, consultant & more.

    Former teacher in games development at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, School of Design.


    Masters degree in art and graphics design from Denmarks Design School 1991.

    25 years of experience in videogames development.

    7 years experience as lecturer at ”the at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, School of Design”.


    2018 - 2021: Owner/Partner at Tumblecrate Aps. Released Exactamundo - World Trivia Tour on IOS and Android - A trivia based travel game.

    2017: Hello World (working title) - A Geo travel game about the world. Development for Ipad, Iphone, Steam and more. Own IP.

    2016: Launched the crowdfunded “Nexø I” rocket in the Baltic Sea as a member of Copenhagen Suborbitals. Part of the “Moonspike” Kickstarter project about launching a orbital space vehicle and put a spike in the moon.

    2013: Member of Copenhagen Suborbitals aerospace project. This is a non-profit project that aims to put a human being on a suborbital space flight above the karman line. The project is based on volunteer workers and crowd funding.

    2012: Developing “PyraPusher”. This is a puzzle game for the Iphone/IPad. The project recieved DFI (Danish Film Institute) project support in 2011 to develop a prototype. The project are still in development with new partner Cape-Copenhagen(2013)

    2011: Developing “PyraPusher” (working title).


    2020 - 2021: Kiloo Games - Freelance. Creating games in PlayCanvas: Bullet Bonanza, a super fast n fun shooter with cute animals and big guns...

    2020 - present: Owner/freelancer at Brandt Games & Illustration (former Skalle.dk)

    2017 - present: Owner/Partner at Tumblecrate Aps. Released Exactamundo - World Trivia Tour on IOS and Android - A trivia based travel game.

    2017: Freelance advisor/consultant, art director and artist at Fantastic,yes - The Returner project. Developing own IP: Hello World. Founded Tumblecrate Gamestudio with partner Monty Melbye.

    2017: Art Director/Studio Art Lead at Cape Copenhagen. Work on The Child, The Gentleman, Wu-Cru/Lego Ninjago, Lego Nexo Knights, Planet Driver, Rasmus Klump and Sun Top plus various commercial titles. Concept art: Orbital Express - Rocket engeneering company. Digital artist/zBrush: Gallery Oxholm - Copenhagen. 3D art exhibition with Thomas Fryd(3D printed sculptures).

    2016: Member of Kristian von Bengtsons Moonspike project. A Kickstarter project about launching an orbital rocket and hit the moon. (concept artist).

    2015: Development begins on Hello World. Working on Pyra (own IP/unpublished).

    2014: Art Director at Cape Copenhagen: Released Dig-It - A digger Simulator.

    2013: Founded Cape Cheops Aps together with Cape Copenhagen for further development of the Pyra Project. Freelance guest teacher at 3D college in Grenaa. Working at Hapti.co as freelance consultant. Working as freelancer in Skalle.dk.

    2012: Working at Hapti.co as freelance consultant.

    2011: Founded Skalle.dk – Private company. Founded PyraGames I/S. 50% Lecturer at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, School of Design.Freelance Art Director/Artist. Teacher at the Danish Design School – Digital Interaction.

    2010: Chase Ace demo, Bear League (Commercial title) - Space Time Foam Aps.

    August 2009 : Art Director at Space Time Foam - Chase Ace demo development. Teacher at the Danish Design School – Digital Interaction.

    March 2009: Freelance Art Director. Chase Ace – Space Time Foam Aps. ADD development and Concept. Teacher at DADIU at KUA.

    2009: Freelance Art Director/Artist. Teacher at the Danish Design School – Digital Interaction.

    2007 – 2008: Art Director/Concept Lead: Watchmen: 360, PS3 and PC. Warner Games. Teacher at the Danish Design School – Digital Interaction.

    2006 – 2007: Art Director/Concept Lead: Killing Pablo Escobar prototype: 360, PS3 and PC: Unpublished. Art Director/Lead Artist: Bonnie & Clyde demo. Next Gen prototype: 360, PS3 And PC: Unpublished – Deadline Games.

    2005 – 2006: Art Director/Artist: Overdose 2 – Tequila Gunrise. Graphics tech demo. 360, PS3 and PC.

    2003 – 2005: Art Director/Lead Artist and Technical Artist: Total Overdose: PS2, X-box and PC: Eidos.

    2001 – 2003: Art Director/Lead Artist: Desert Rat prototype: PC: Unpublished. Technical and Lead Artist: Kapow Systems: Proprietary Last Gen engine: Deadline Games.

    1999 – 2000: Art Director/Lead Artist: Globetrotter 1: PC: Vision Park.

    1997 – 1998: Artist: Crosstown: PC: Vision Park.

    1996 – 1997: Artist: BlackOut: PC: BMG.

    1994 – 1996: Multimedia Designer – DDB Needham. Various Commercial production: DDB Needham.

    1993 – 1994: Multimedia Designer at Vision. Commercial titles.

    1991 – 1993: Freelance graphic artist. Illustration and graphics.

    1987 – 1991: Master in Arts: Danish Design School

    Released Games to present:

    Bullet Bonanza - Kiloo Games Aps. Mobile/PC
    Exactamundo - World Trivia Tour (Own IP) Tumblecrate Aps. IOS/Android
    Returner - Fantastic,yes 2017. IOS
    Lego Nexo Knights.
    Lego Ninjago - Wu-Cru. - Ipad/Iphone
    Dig-It! - A digger Simulator - PC
    Watchmen – The end is nigh - 360, Ps3
    Total Overdose -Xbox, Ps2
    Chili con Carnage – Psp
    Globetrotter 1 - PC
    Globetrotter 2 - PC
    Giften - PC
    Englen - PC
    Blackout - PC

    Me - Carsten Brandt
    • Carsten is amazing. Not only is he incredibly talented at making great concept art, he also excels at bringing that concept art to life in 3d, with his unusually deep knowledge of pipelines and tools - including all the hairy, technical things that you normally need a kickass tech artist for. He makes great things, and he improves your pipeline for making great things along the way. On top of this, Carsten is a good teacher. Where others are happy to learn how to do something, Carsten will continue honing the skill until he can reproducibly teach it to others. Stick Carsten in a group, and people around him will also get better. I very much recommend Carsten, and would happily hire him again.
      Brian Meidell – CEO at FRVR. Former CEO at Cape Copenhagen
    • Carsten is the best artist I've met in the game industry, with all-round skills and an outstanding sense of quality.
      Monty Melbye – Owner at Monty Games. Partner and Co-Founder at Tumblecrate
    • “  Carsten rules and his work absolutely rocks. We couldn't have found a better match for our project.
      Peter Holm – CEO, CCO at Cape Copenhagen