Krabat and the mill

2nd July 2017 in concept, Projects, Sketch, Speedpaint

Krabat concept

A often get inspired by Otfried Preusslers story about the boy Krabat, a tale with its origin back in the 1500 century germany. The story is about a boy who learns black magic in the dark mill in Koselbruch. Here’s a sketch i did a while ago in Photoshop testing style.

Less is more

28th June 2017 in Speedpaint

Another quick speed painting study in photoshop. Its nice not to go in too much detail sometimes. Less is more.

Desert Speedpaint – Photoshop

28th June 2017 in Speedpaint

Sometimes it works for me to simply make a nature study. I remember the colors and light when i look at reference and it kind of sticks when painting something else…