Krabat and the mill

2nd July 2017 in concept, Projects, Sketch, Speedpaint

Krabat concept

A often get inspired by Otfried Preusslers story about the boy Krabat, a tale with its origin back in the 1500 century germany. The story is about a boy who learns black magic in the dark mill in Koselbruch. Here’s a sketch i did a while ago in Photoshop testing style.

Asta grey values study

29th June 2017 in concept, Sketch, Speedpaint


This is a painting challenge for my self i did a while ago. I painted light shades and texture with a basic transfer brush only starting from a simple line art drawing. It was a very appealing process and i like the classic concept of only concentrating on light and shadow before anything else. Tools: Photoshop

Light and shadow play

28th June 2017 in Sketch

FreeStyle face and light

FreeStyle face and lighting speedpaint for some course i did at The Danish Design School last year (2016).