Hello! I'm a Senior Art Director & 3D Artist

I do game design, environment design, level design, UI/UX, character design, concepts, & 3d artwork.


Fields of Fury is a hilarious super action packed low-poly style WWII shooter made in Play Canvas for Kiloo Games in 2021 - 2022.

Roles: Art Director, Team Lead, Lead Artist & more.

Client: Kiloo Games.

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About the game

Inspired by classic movies like "Where Eagles Dare" or Kellys Heroes", I always dreamed of building a stylized WWII game. When Kiloo asked me to do a series of experimental Html5 games this old idea came up. With gorgeous stylized lo-po visuals, original sound, actor voice over and toony slap-stick fun animations, Fields of Fury stands out as a really nice game experience.

The gameplay is build up around classic CTF Axis vs. Allies battles with choke points inviting to heavy battle. The game features huge RPG rockets with smoke trails flying by, grenade jumping and roaring air-planes in the background. The graphics and environmental visual effects is a tasty mix of low poly art and advanced shader magic techniques.

My roles: Art Director, team lead, environment art, assets, character design, weapon design, level design, UI and game design.

Platform: PC (Browser) / Software: Blender, Photoshop, Play Canvas HTML5 engine. Copyright by Kiloo Games ©2023

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A toony modern warfare CTF multiplayer shooter with lots of funny outfits, humor and slightly oversized guns

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About the game

Warbands is basically the same gameplay as Fields of Fury with modern weapons and mercenarys. The game is still super toony with slap-stick humor and crazy explosions. The game features a huge collection of weapons and outfits that can be customized by the player.

On top of that does WB feature a new updated version of Fof with classic WWII uniform outfits, enhanced graphics, shop, level system, more maps and new weapons.

My roles: Art Director, team lead, environment art, assets, character design, weapon design, level design, UI and game design.

Bullet Bonanza is a tungue-in-cheek cartoon style free-for-all shooter with super cute animals and huge toony guns

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Original character designs

All the characters is inspired by classic cartoons. They are animated with unique signature full body animations and even has there own voices. The game can be played here.

Bullet Bonanza - a crazy "free for all" shooter game with small trigger-happy animals

I love high-pased action games but this one really stands out as one of the more crazy tungue-in-cheek ones. Small cute animals with stretchy animation crazy eyes. Huge rocket launchers and bullet trails all over the place in a cosy farmer landscape inspired by classic cartoons.

Bullet Bonanza was developed in 2020-2021 as the first in a series of eksperimental Html5 games for Kiloo Games.

My roles: Art Director, creative direction, team lead, environment art, assets, character design, weapon design, level design, UI and game design.Platform: PC (Browser) / Software: Blender, Photoshop, Play Canvas HTML5 engineCopyright by Kiloo Games ©2023

A trivia travel game about our beautiful world and everything in it.

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over 200 iconic lo-po characters depicting famous personalities from the world history

Exactamundo features a lot of mini-missions with unique characters depicting famous personalities from the world history. I made all characters over the same very stylized vertex colored base model.

Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour

Role: Art Director, Designer, Co-Founder and more...

Exactamundo was released in 2019 and is my first indie adventure. Exactamundo is developed in Unity and is available on AppStore and Google Play.

In "Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour" you tarvel around a stylized globe visiting far away places. The game is all about traveling while testing your knowledge about the places you visit.

About the game

The game features over 120 exotic destinations to discover and 2000 questions with pictures and elaborate answers to learn from. It is a fun way for all ages to discover the world and its fantastic seight and places.

When completing a city a wonder pops out of the ground and in the end the whole globe is populated with wonders. Embark into journeys with famous personalities from the world history, collect famous items like the Rosetta Stone or Andy Warhols cans of Tomato Soup.

Download Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour from Google Play and App Store.


We plan a premium version to be released somewhere in 2024 on Steam. Stay tuned!

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Hi There!

Welcome! I'm a Senior Art Director & 3D Game Artist. Scroll down to check out my latest work.

Screenshot from Fields of Fury

Copyright by Kiloo Games ©2023

Experience and what i do

I specialize in all types of art and design for games all the way from initial idea to final product. I have extensive experience with most production pipelines for both indie type stylized artwork and AAA production workflows. I do overall Art Direction, common 3D modelling, environment design & level design, shaders and material (node based), textures, concepting,  weapons, mechanical stuff, assets, character design.

Software and skills

I prefer using Blender & Photoshop for most tasks narrowing down my pipeline.

Experience with: 3DS Max, Blender, zBrush, Photoshop, Sketchup, Substance, Unity, Unreal, Play Canvas, adobe package, what ever. I use Blender and Photoshop for most tasks, but I am always curious when it comes to exploring new ways of doing things.

Hire me

Hire me for Art Direction and team lead tasks, 3D artwork, concepts, illustration, UI/UX, character design, environment design, game design, graphic design, logos, team mangement & supervising, teaching, Unity editor work and more. I prefer remote work!

Feel free to contact me in the contact me about commisions. Please use the contact form below.


A humourious WWII multiplayer shooter with nice low poly graphics and cartoon slap-stick animations all running in a browser

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