Chase Ace - Off World Leagues. Cape Copenhagen/Space Time Foam 2010
  • Shameless Retro fun

    Chase Ace - Off-World Leagues is pure uncut, explosive, power-up-laden, gasoline-engine-growling, shameless fun!


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Chase-Ace. Off World Leagues. Development-Screenshot
Chase Ace - Preproduction Trailer

Chase Ace - Off World Leagues demo - 2010

Art Director, concept & more

Chase-Ace. Off World Leagues. Development-Screenshot

Chase Ace is the fastest retro space shooter ever. Multiplayer with gigantic explosions, chain reactions and total destruction. It is shameless retro fun.

It's a single and multi-player, vehicle-based, top-down, arena shooter that mixes addictive, action-packed gameplay with social elements that emphasize player influence, creativity and customizability.

The project is currently dormant as Cape is closing financing.