Sizzle preview video

Small video showing the game features - 30 sec.

Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour - Latest project released 2019

Art Director, Designer and Co-Founder

Exactamundo is my first production as independent developer. The first prototype was started early 2017. Later we founded Tumblecrate to work fulltime to build this game. Exactamundo is developed in Unity and has been in production for about three years. The game developed into a free-to-play title and is finally available worldwide for tablets and mobile on the AppStore and Google Play.



Travel around the world while testing your knowledge about the places you visit. 120 exotic destinations to discover and 2000 questions with pictures and elaborate answers to learn from.

"Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour" is a fun way for all ages to rediscover the world and its fantastic wonders.

Welcome to Earth!

Games Portfolio

Some previous titles I have been working on in the past. Full list can be found in the CV.

Returner Spacecraft

Returner – Fantastic,yes 2017

The Gentleman screen - Cape Copenhagen © All Rights Reserved 2017

The Gentleman – Cape Copenhagen 2017

Dig-It - A Digger Simulator

Dig-It! A Digger Simulator – Cape Copenhagen 2014

Chase Ace - Off World Leagues. Cape Copenhagen/Space Time Foam 2010

Chase Ace – Off World Leagues. Cape Copenhagen 2010

Watchmen screenshot - Rorschach

The Watchmen – Deadline Games 2008

Killing Pablo Escobar. Deadline Games

Killing Pablo Escobar – Deadline Games 2006

Total Overdose Cover painting PS2

Total Overdose – Deadline Games 2004


Globetrotter – Deadline Games 1999