Exactamundo - World Trivia Tour

Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour

"Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour" is a fun way for all ages to rediscover the world and its fantastic wonders.

We have been working hard developing this title for the past three years. We expect "Exactamundo: World Trivia Tour" to hit the AppStore very, very soon.

Welcome to Earth!



This game is a sci-fi puzzler with focus on high-class cinematics and narrative storytelling for IOS. I joined this project in winter 2016 as a freelance game development supervisor/Art lead during the startup phase. Fantastic,yes is a mobile games company based in Copenhagen. Go check out the Official Facebook Page.

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Rocket designs


Copenhagen Suborbitals succesfully launched the first prototype of our rocket design "Nexø I" from the Baltic sea outside Bornholm. In august 2018 we launched the Nexø II - see below.

The ultimate goal of the project is to launch a human being into space. Visit Copenhagen Suborbitals to find out more about the project.

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NEXØ II successfully launched from the Baltic sea in the summer 2018.


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